Todd Galley: Family Chiropractor


Todd Galley: Family Chiropractor

1528 Fort St.  Lincoln Park, MI

(313) 382-8633   (that's 382-TODD)


Lincoln Park, MI-

The same power that created our bodies is what continually maintains and heals our bodies.  This inner wisdom, our “Innate Intelligence” is smarter than any doctor, scientist, or computer will ever be.  Our Innate Intelligence is expressed through mental impulses in our central nerve system, which is made up of our brain and spinal cord.

The nerve system is the master control system of our body, it maintains and controls all the other body systems. Chiropractic adjustments help to maintain the nerve pathways in our spinal column.  This simple act allows  LIFE to better express itself throughout the body.  A better expression of LIFE raises our overall potential in everything we do!

Our practice members are encouraged to visit our office regularly to be checked and adjusted as necessary.  They choose a weekly fee that is fair and within their budget and simply drop their payment into our anonymous drop-box. This ensures regular access to chiropractic care.

  -Objective Straight Chiropractic-

Anonymous Drop-Box for Payment

(members choose their own fee)


We’ve always done it that way (since 2004)

...and we always will.

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