Todd Galley: Family Chiropractor

Some THOTs from our Members...

Drop in hours - 6 days a week, no appointments needed, friendly, caring, and affordable…not to mention Todd is an excellent chiropractor!  What more can you ask for? -Lisa, Alison, and Mac

My thoughts about Dr. Todd are very positive. He’s as nice a person as you’ll ever meet. I like his concept of payment for his service, totally different approach in this day and age. Here is the biggest thing, with our situation of having a handicapped son, I’m impressed with his willingness to go out to the car to adjust him. I can’t tell you how huge this is for us. He is also very smart and knowing, gives me a great adjustment every time, as well as words of wisdom and encouragement. Honestly I can’t say enough positive things about him and his practice.  -Tom Westerdale

In five short years the Galley family has taken a vacant building and turned it into office and home. Taking a step back in time, living above the business to always be there for those who need their services. But it does not just end there, they have embraced the city of Lincoln Park. Todd has taken on the appointment of Board member of the Lincoln Park DDA, and his wife, Kelly is often there at the meetings with him. The Galley family is seen weekly at the Farmers Market with Kelly and daughter showing off their art/recycle skills selling painted rocks and reclaimed furniture. The whole family was also spotted at Lincoln Park Fantasyland as Elves this Holiday season. Their presence is also at Lincoln Park Days and the annual Lincoln Park Business Expo. The Galley family is not just a business in Lincoln Park, but part of what Lincoln Park was, is and will be. I am glad you are here, where do we find more just like you? Yes they have a different business model, they judge no one by their monetary wealth, and understand volunteer to give back to their community. peace,  -BicycleDon and his lovely wife Debbie

I truly appreciate your care, your hours and your payment system.  I used to work for a chiropractor and my family’s care was a benefit of my employment.  I left that job two years ago and my husbands insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care.  I am very well aware of the need for care, not just the benefits of it.  Your payment system allows my family to receive the care that we need at a cost that is always affordable.  The care that you provide in your office is priceless.  The hours are very convenient and your willingness to be available to your patients really shows the depth of your dedication.  You are greatly appreciated.

-Nancy Rodriguez

Todd Galley is a wonderful caring, compassionate man.  I met him at the LP Business Expo in 2005.  At the time I was considering placing my son with autism on medication.  I started chiropractic care the next week FREE of charge for a month, so we could see how that worked for him.  Well, not only did it help my son to be more calm, it helped me with my lower back issues that I had suffered with for years.  To this day I have not had one lower back ache since seeing him.  I am grateful for the type of practice he runs, with his “box on the wall” fee system.  In this day and age it truly is amazing to see someone who is not out for the almighty dollar, but wants help people.  I have shared about him with many people, and they just cannot believe that he honestly does that.  It makes me really sad that people are skeptical of this system, but let me tell you, he is a licensed, trained chiropractor, and he continues his education through seminars and other opportunities.  He is the REAL thing!  -Kathy Millard

Hello Todd and Kelly,  I thought I would say I love what you do for the practice members and that you are willing to accept all regardless of the money that they can afford as long as they give what they can really afford.  I think that you run a great Chiropractor Practice and I feel that one day you will be really blessed for your outgoing care for the members. Take care, Kathy and Ken

Todd, you and your family are very caring people and its a pleasure to know have done a lot for the community and always have a positive caring attitude-congratulations on five years!!!!thank-you for all that you have done for so many people. take care, -Mary Murphy

Dear Todd and Kelly,  I wanted to take a few minutes to write a few words to express my extreme gratitude for you kind hearts and expertise that your family consistently offers to my family.  When I met you guys at the ballpark three years ago, I had no ideal that you were going to make such an impact on my life.  I have had chronic headaches since I was a small child. It has always been a part of my life and something that I just had accepted. As you are aware, I have been seeing you for about 6 weeks. One early evening, I realized that I had not had a headache all day. To most, this would not seem like a big accomplishment, but to someone who has daily headaches for years pass, this was quite the break. This continued throughout the night and then into the next days to come.  You can only imagine my relief to remain headache free for now over 2 weeks. It is truly a change of life. I feel better, I am back in my exercise class and I am powered. I want you to understand that I view your family as a refreshing blessing to life’s good intent.  Your pay what you can afford policy allows me to see you as frequent as I need to, without feeling the stress of finding money. Your “family feeling” practice, including Xzavia, allows me to actually enjoy the visits and your weekly emails are shared with my boys as education for all of us.  May your life is blessed with the joy that you and Kelly bring to so many.  See you Saturday,  -Susie and family

My name is Christina Hooper and I have a 4 year old son who had a stroke before he was born. His stroke was on the left side of his brain leaving him weaker on the right side of his body. Through out his life Garrett has faced many obstacles and has managed to overcome many of them. Garrett hit many milestones on time and spent allot of time in Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. Garrett is very shy and reserved. He does not speak to strangers and sometimes not even to people he sees regularly. Garrett is enrolled in a mainstream preschool and has attended since September of 2011. He does not speak to anyone or play with other children while he is there. He goes willingly and is happy at the end of the day. He stays next to his teacher all day and barely speaks to her. The one thing that we have not been able to control or overcome is Garrett's pain. He complains nightly that something hurts. It could be his leg, arm, back, head or everything and always on the right side. They have been many nights that he has cried himself to sleep as nothing elevates his discomfort. When he is finally asleep, I then would cry myself to sleep as I was unable to help him. Garrett has never had a full night's sleep because he tosses and turns so much at night he always wakes up. We have tried medical massages, warm baths, espom salt, cranial sacral treatments, tylenol, motrin, none of which worked. Regular visits to doctors with the same complaint yielded diagnosis of growing pains....well Garrett has not grown or gained any weight in over 1 year. He is currently in the less than 10% percentile for his age. Their next solution was to prescribe muscle relaxers for Garrett which I refused. There was no way I was going to give him muscles relaxers on a regular basis at 4 years old. There had to be a better solution. I started my research using good ole Google. I found articles for all sorts of treatments. I have some friends that are patients of Dr. Galley and they suggested that I try it out. On January 14th we had our first visit with Dr. Galley. I knew it would be good when Dr. Galley asked Garrett his name and he responded. I can honestly say that nothing has been the same since. After only 2 adjustments Garrett stopped complaining that anything hurts. He is sleeping all night....and so am I. He is eating more, and has actually gained a pound. Garrett's teacher called me for a conference to tell me that for for the first time Garrett participated in the group discussion that takes place every morning. He is raising his hand in class to be called on, he is playing with other children, and is dancing at music time......Garrett is having spontaneous conversations with random people. We continue to see Dr. galley weekly. Garrett looks forward to seeing Slinky. The difference in my child is astounding to say the least. I cry now because I am happy and not because I have a child who is in chronic pain. The only regret I have is that I did not find Dr. Galley sooner. 

--Hola senior todd thank for good thing that I get in my back adjust and the convening that you have to go in there and get a adjustment so good that my back and wife thank you. Now I can go thing that I todo like have a good walk or go out to dancing it so good that you and family have a good hart to  help people like me.  Thank you senior todd for all the good thing.  -R. Plascencia

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