Todd Galley: Family Chiropractor

Regular chiropractic care for everyone who wants it.    

Anonymous drop-box so everyone can afford it.

Not too long ago somebody asked us: WHY do we offer a 'Box-on-the-Wall' fee system?  It was then we realized that it is pretty important that people understand WHY we do what we do... so we posted it here:

Years ago... it was not uncommon for some chiropractors to serve entire communities.

There was no exclusion to who got adjusted; boys and girls, moms and dads, grandparents and neighbors, athletes and bookworms, people with “bad backs” and those who felt fine.  Chiropractors had open adjusting hours, no-hassle offices, and fair fees.

People who saw a chiropractor did so to help keep their bodies working well. They weren’t treated as patients- instead they were welcomed as members of a practice. The practice members knew their chiropractor was there for them and they got adjusted to help stay healthy, because they understood that their bodies were meant to stay healthy naturally.  Nature needs no help, only no interference.

When some insurance companies started covering chiropractic care, the community service focus of many chiropractic practices drastically changed. Since the insurance plans now paid for some people to get adjusted and since it paid so well, it tempted many chiropractors to drastically raise their rates. This unfortunate high-fee reimbursement helped to eventually put an end to the community care aspect of many chiropractic offices.  Many of the people who didn’t have insurance could now no longer afford to be adjusted on a regular basis. Further, since many chiropractors were now charging the same fee as a medical office visit, the insurance companies started restricting the adjustments. Now, instead of allowing regular visits, as is necessary for chiropractic to be most effective, most insurance companies paid only if a patient had a specific diagnosable problem such as low-back pain or a sore neck. This is why chiropractors have become mistaken to be “back pain” doctors, even though what chiropractic really addresses nerve system interference --which may or may not be the cause of back or neck pain.

Regular chiropractic care can be good for everyone.  A properly functioning nervous system is essential for the body to work properly.  People who get adjusted on a regular basis are generally healthier than those who don’t - of course, this applies to kids too.

We feel that access to regular chiropractic care is so important we have adopted a fee system that assures regular people can afford it.  We offer a “Box-on-the-Wall” that collects your payment.  It is actually a slot cut into one of our counter tops into which our practice members are free to anonymously drop in whatever amount they feel is fair based on their personal financial situation.  Families are encouraged to come in together and get adjusted together.  The fee paid for one adjustment covers the whole family for the entire week.  Children shouldn’t be denied chiropractic care simply because their back never hurts or because they aren’t covered by insurance.  They can grow up to be happy, healthy adults - without interference to their nerve system and this is important...WHY?

Because every person has a higher potential when their nerve system is free of interference.

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